Tumeric instead of Ibuprofen?

Written by: Kat Gal

I used to suffer from chronic headaches. At 26, my already frequent headaches became so serious that they practically turned into one major headache. For 4 and a half years, I had a headache every minute of my life (I am not joking).

I used to take ibuprofen for it several times a day, often exceeding the maximum recommended amount. It didn’t even ease the pain, yet every time, I was hoping for a miracle.

I was never told that ibuprofen or other OTC pain-killers could be harmful to my health. As a college runner, most of my teammates popped ibuprofen like candy for all injuries and minor pains. My boyfriend took it for his back pain. Every website and doctor suggested it. I thought it was the right thing to do. I thought it was my fault that it wasn’t even helping.

Turns out that ibuprofen is actually damaging to your health and that there are much better NATURAL alternatives for pain and inflammation.

Turmeric is one of my secret weapons against visible and silent inflammation.

Turmeric has been known as a natural pain reliever for centuries. The spice has proven to be more superior without serious side effects. In fact, the polyphenol in turmeric has been shown to have over 600 health benefits.

According to a clinical trial published in the Alternative and Complementary Medicine journal, turmeric is an effective alternative to ibuprofen for osteoarthritis.


Turmeric is not only effective, safe and natural, but it’s also accessible to all, affordable and time-tested.

The next time you have a headache or are experiencing pain, just go open your kitchen cabinet and reach for that turmeric as your new choice of medicine. Do you know any other awesome natural pain-relieving remedies?